error 403 forbidden???

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im getting this error when i try to download and convert videos from youtube into mp3 audio files. i dont know what this error means and it just recently started. is anyone else getting this? if so can you tell me what it means and if it will be fixed.


  • Hi Blake,

    That error is usually related with outdated versions of VDownloader.

    Have you updated to the latest version? (The Latest version is 3.9.1300.0)

    If you haven't, please update it on this link: .
  • do i have to uninstall the version i currently have?
  • No Blake, you can simple download the installer at and install as normal. The uninstall-old/install-new procedure is automatic :)
  • the downloader you told me to install isnt the same as the dowloader i use to have. i had a "free youtube downloader v3.5.124.0" (that was the whole name of the downloader)vand the downloader i installed is way different. its just vDownloader and looks way different and more complicated. my old downloader didnt uninstall by the way so thats how i know they are different makes.
  • I'm sorry Blake.

    We offer support for two different softwares in this forum.

    In that case, go on and download the latest version from there.

    I can see (by looking at your previous post) that the version you had was v3.5.124.0 and the latest is v3.5.126.0 . That's most likely the cause of your issue. Please update and see if that solves the problem.

    In case it doesn't, just post here so I can help you further.
  • Is everything okay now? Were you able to solve the issue by simply updating? :)
  • I am having the same problem and yes i did update, it did not help
  • I am having the same problem as well. I used the You Tube Downloader yesterday (Sep 12th) for couple hours with no issues. I am using the latest version (v3.5.126.0) and I get the message below no matter what I try.
    "The remote server returned an error:403 forbidden".
    I did not change anything at all in my computer.
  • i'M USING FREE YOUTUBE TO MP3CONVERTER v.3.11.30 build 903 and i even updated v3.5.126.0. i'm getting video downloading error.
  • I suspect youtube has found a way to disable this downloader. They don't want people saving the videos. This is not the first time youtube has prevented saving of videos. keepvid doesn't work any more and you can't get them from temporary internet files folder. I guess we'll have to see if someone figures out another way to work around youtube's prevention of saves.
  • why does it work for some but not others sam?
  • This issue is probably due to YouTube making changes on their website.

    We will investigate what's the cause of this error, and will let you all know as soon as we have a solution for it!
  • In the meantime, you can use our browser-based downloader (available at
  • We're proud to announce that this bug has been fixed.

    Please install the latest version of VDownloader ( or Free YouTubeDownloader (

    Shall you come across any kind of issue, please make sure to let us know.

    Have fun!
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