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Hi, I'm new to this so please bear with me... I have used the free youtube downloader to grab a video, but I cannot find the file even after I set it to download to desktop. am i doing something wrong or is the software being annoying so i have to buy the full version? any help much appreciated!


  • Hi Kyliandra,

    After you download a video using the Free YouTube Downloader, please click on "show files".

    Please let me know if it still doesn't show up.

  • Hello, I am also new to this and have just downloaded the Free Youtube Downloader. Everything appears fine and I downloaded a video, only when I go to play it on my computer there is only audio. What have I missed? I am running Windows Media Player. Thanks.
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    Hi Suzanne,

    Your problem is related with missing video codecs.

    The best way to solve this problem is to download the latest audio & video codecs. You can do that in this link:

    You should download the "Basic" Package, and in case your system is 64-bit, also download that package.

    After you install the packages, the videos should run without a problem.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions/suggestions.

    Have a nice week!
  • Mine too. It shows download completed, but when i click play now, nothing appear. I can't find the video in the destination folder as well.
  • Hi Reind,

    Apparently this was a temporary issue, and will most likely be resolved now.

    Can you confirm that?
  • Why does mine say Video parsing error whenever i try to download something using youtube uploader?
  • my free youtubedownloader downloads the copied url but it downloads only partly(just in some cases 4 mb of 120 mb video file).Do i need to download any codecs.
  • Plz i need a quick soln
  • Hi Maddy,

    Please update to the latest version of VDownloader at . Video parsing errors are due to outdated versions of the software. It has been fixed right now.
  • Hi Rov30,

    Are you using the software which is available at ?
  • ya now i am downlding vdownload.
  • downlded it twice.maybe it is getting cut as 1 of its feature is cutting a video to your choice.
  • Hi Rov30,

    Please contact [email protected] and let them know about your problem so they can provide you further assistance.
  • hi, i used to download @ youtube free downloader succesfully, but now i cant. youtube downloader says "pls contact us" or "try disabling download and convert simultaniously in the settings" i follow it but it still cant. and now it says "operation timed out". can u help me? thanx.
  • Hi Ronaldoblax,

    Can you please send me a screenshot of that error to [email protected]?
  • hi, i am new with this free you tube downloader, whenever i try to download, i always get this message(video info parsing error). could you kindly tell me what it means and how do i go about to solve this issue?
  • Hi I am new to Free Youtube downloader, everything was fine yesterday, that I can download videos and convert them, but today when I try the same thing again, it took long time to identify the video location, then show an error message: ’object reference not set to an instance of an object’. I tried several other URL from youtube. The same message appear again. What can I do? Thanks!
  • Hi Viv and Sarah,

    Please take a look at your Free YouTube Downloader version (You can see that on the window name label).

    If it doesn't say "v3.5.126.0", it means that you need to update your Free YouTube Downloader by downloading the installer at .

    This is most likely the cause of both your problems. In case this doesn't solve your problem, please post here.
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